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Size: 240 mm x 160 mm
Hard bound
Total pages: 1256
Index: 112 pages
Two colors

Read excerpts from forthcoming commentary by Dr. Zohurul Hoque


Translation and Commentary on the Holy Qur-an

Translation and Commentary on the Holy Qur-an: Contains Arabic text, its English translation with brief explanation of verses. The explanations are given in a unique way by placing them in parenthesis along with the actual translation. The flow of text between actual translation and the explanations gives a smooth textual flow. Outstanding feature of the translation is its loyalty to the actual Arabic in terms of grammatical syntax and word usage. No Arabic word from the Qur'an was left untranslated and no new words were introduced inside the translation to elaborate a point, to justify a given opinion or for the sake of English writing

For more about some of the outstanding features in the translation, click here. To see a sample of the translation and explanation click here. To check out additional samples of translation and explanations click here.



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