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  A Comparison of Different Translations  

Not all translation of the Qur-an is the same. Not all translations match the Arabic Qur-an in rhythm of text, depth of meaning, syntax of sentences, word usage and adherence to the divine words. While some translations are truly loyal to actual Arabic words, some are liberal in bringing out the meaning of the verses. Some translations are truly academic in nature, while others are informative in their objective. Some translators disliked strict loyalty to each and every Arabic words, for fear of obscuring the inherent meaning; while others were vehemently loyal to the revelation, yet succeeded in conveying the meaning. Some translators enjoyed slight liberty with choice of words, while others guarded themselves from what could very well be interpolation of thoughts. Below are sample of 6 translations of Surah Baqarah, arranged verse by verse. The purpose is here is to provide an interesting platform to compare the translations rather than to identify a correct or incorrect translation. Translators names are arranged in alphabetic order by their last name. The translators are Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Zohurul Hoque, T. J. Irving, T.U. Hilali & M. Khan, M. Pickthall, and M.S. Shakir.
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