Supplications for:
Acceptance of efforts
Acceptance of prayers
Against distress
Against evil-ones
Against oppressors
Expressing gratitude
Dying in righteousness
Good of both worlds
General supplications
Honor: day of Awakening
During natural calamity
Orators and writers
Protection and mercy
Protection from Hellfire
Provisions of life
Right Path
Seeking pardon
Victory against odds
Victory of Islam


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Finest Prayers: Du'a from the Holy Qur'an

A prayer or a du‘a is not the crutch of the weak or the incapable. It is the finest strategy for all kinds of success—whether material or spiritual.

Most of the time men have worded their prayers in their own languages. However, the finest of the prayers are the ones worded by Allah(SWT) Himself and mentioned in the Qur’ân.

This book compiles such divine prayers, explains the background of revelation and the stresses on the importance of such prayers in our daily lives. Prophets and their followers invoked these prayers, which were accepted by Allah(SWT). 

  • 86 du'a from the Holy Qur'an
  • Translation and transliteration of the prayers
  • Explains how the prayers were accepted by Allah (SWT)
  • Total pages: 96. Size 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Paper back.
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  • ISBN 0967830419
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The links on the left side of the page will lead you to some supplications from the Holy Qur-an. Since these supplications are mentioned in Qur-an and are taught to us by Allah Himself, they are the best and perfect supplications. What's more, Allah has promised that He will respond to supplications made by the righteous, by the sinners and even by unbelievers.

Each page contains the Arabic verse, transliteration, and translation. Every attempt should be made to learn the supplications in Arabic. Translation is provided to help the non-Arabic speaking people to understand the supplications. Transliteration is provided to help those brothers and sisters who are not yet proficient in reading Arabic. A word of caution: transliteration may not be accurate due to differences in pronunciation or due to typographical errors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to learn the supplications from original Arabic.

This section describes a brief history of the origin of the supplication and its significance. How the supplication was responded is also mentioned in case of some supplications.


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